How to Wrap Wires with Crepe Paper

The crepe paper for wrapping wires should be cut through the entire thickness of the fold and doubled through the center lengthwise. This may be done by folding the entire strip before starting to wind the paper around the wire or by folding and winding at the same time. Put a little paste at the end of the wire and wind the crepe around two or three times very tightly; then, holding the wire in the right hand, twirl it round and round. At the same time, with the left hand guide the paper, slantĀ­ing it down and stretching it so that it will wrap the wire smoothly. As the winding proceeds, put the leaves in position, if they are to be used, placing the single leaves or groups on opposite sides of the stem the desired distance apart.

When the end of the wire is reached, cut or tear off the paper and fasten with a little paste. When it is necessary to add wire to lengthen stems, place the wire to be added beside the one being wrapped, allowing the wires to lap 2 or 3 inches and continue wrapping with the paper. It will not be necessary to twist the two pieces of wire together (illustration No.5).

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