Wisteria Crepe Paper Costume

materials needed (adult size):

3 Folds No. 22 Violet Crepe Paper
3 Folds No. 23 Purple Crepe Paper
1 Fold No. 45 Moss Green Crepe Paper
1 Fold No. 71 Tan Crepe Paper

The shape of the natural flower is obtained by cutting the foundation in a deep point on one side and covering with twisted petals. Two shades of violet are cut and twisted together. When making them cut every other one quite a little deeper. Twist the petals as shown in the How to Make Petals for Costumes page.

The entire waist is covered with crushed green crepe and a strip of tan crepe, twisted to represent a vine, forms the finish around the neck, arms and bottom of the waist.

Before making the Wisteria Crepe Paper Costume you may want to read the Basic Instructions for Making Crepe Paper Costumes.

You can also make the Wisteria Costume as a slip-over cosĀ­tume.

This Costumes and MANY others are found in the book: How to Make Crepe Paper Costumes

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