Welcome to Halloween Song (1930's)

Tune: “Twinkle, Little Star”

1st verse:

Welcome, welcome Hallowe’en,

Welcome ghosts and witches mean;

Queer sounds wailing on the air,

Jack o’ Lanterns ev’rywhere;

Tricks and charms for every one,

Hallowe’en is lots of fun.

2nd verse:

Through the shadows black bats fly,

In the forest hoot owls cry;

Lean ghosts in their robes of white

Scamper slyly through the night;

With hobgoblins everywhere

Little folks had best beware.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Halloween Song (1930's)”

  1. “A Halloween song my mum learned in 1931 in the first grade”

    1st verse: Where do yellow pumpkins go, when the moon is hanging low, with a creep, and a peep, soon the world is fast asleep… Comes a Jack O`Lantern creeping in the cold October air!

    2nd verse: In the empty garden bed, he is looking for his head, eyes and nose,round as O`s, and a mouth that will not close… Comes a Jack O`Lantern filling all Halloween hearts with dread!

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