If a male cat shows itself friendly to anyone, it is a good omen.

If a black cat comes to your house, it is bad luck to send it away before the year is out.

If a cat is thrown into a new house before the family arrives, it will avert bad luck, as it is believed that the first to enter a new house will die.

If a cat jumps through a window, it portends death.

Unlucky is the girl in Russia, and never will she marry, if she touches a dead cat.

If a cat startles you by brushing up against your chair, something unexpected is about to happen.

To meet a cat the first thing in the morning, is a forerunner of bad luck.

In Crovie, the cat is considered a bringer of bad luck.

White cats are unlucky.

It is unlucky to play with a cat; you cannot have good health.

If a cat wipes its face with its paws, it is preparing for company.

Maidens who are particularly fond of cats, will be old maids.

If a cat lies on its back, with the top of its head flat on the ground, it is a sign of a big storm.

Black cats are witches. Don’t kill them.

In Bavaria, a cat that is black, red, and white is called a “fire” cat, if thrown on the fire, will put it out.

In Sweden, the peasants think if you are ugly to your cat, you will be ugly to your man.

In Bohemia, unlike many other countries, it is believed kittens born in May, if they are four-colored, will be excellent mousers.

If a sleeping cat turns the upper part of its head far back, it is the sign of rain.

Shut up the cat in a cool room, and it will bring visitors.

Anyone swallowing a hair of a cat, will be subjected to fainting.

In some parts of Germany, to swallow cat‘s hair, is supposed to cause consumption.

It is unlucky to let anything touch a cat‘s ear.

If a cat died in a private house, in ancient Egypt, all members of the family clipped off their hair from their brows, in sign of mourning.

It means good luck to a family when a she-cat comes to the house. (Rio Grande Indians.)

Cats in Japan have a natural tendency to become goblins, and this can only be checked by cutting off their tails in kittenhood.

Japanese cats are under a curse, since only the cat and the venomous serpent wept not at the death of Buddha; and these shall therefore never enter into the bliss of Gokuraku.

If you want your pet cat to stay at home, measure its tail with a piece of wood and burn it in the oven, and it will never leave you.(Persia.)

If the cat stretches so that her paws touch each other, it is a sign of bad weather.

It is taught that a cat‘s eyes wax and wane as the man in the moon’s eyes wax and wane, and the course of the sun is followed by the apples of her eye.

To kick a cat, will make it steal chickens. (Madagascar.)

A cat about to kitten, must not be spoken of by its name, but called a witch. (Madagascar.)

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