When a cat wags its tail, it is a sign that it is angry.

To keep cats from roaming from home at night, cut the hair from the insides of their ears. The dew gets into the pussies’ ears, and they don’t like it, and the next night they stay at home.

Cats are considered uncanny. They will maliciously nibble the exposed parts of corpses and “suck the breath of sleeping infants,” and
even that of adults.

A dead cat planted at the roots of a barren tree, will cause it to bear fruit.

If a cat tears at the cushions and carpets with its claws, it is a sign of wind. Hence the expression, “the cat is raising the wind.”

It is unlucky to kill a cat.

A cat‘s hair is said to be indigestible, and you will die if you get one in your stomach.

A cat sneezing, indicates that the family will have colds.

A bunch of hair taken from a black tomcat, sewed in a bag and worn around the neck, will relieve the wearer of witches and other undesirable visitors.

In Ireland, one hears much of demon cats. The father of one of the present editors of the Fort-nightly had such a cat, say county Dublin Peasantry. One day the priest dined with him, and objecting to see a cat feed before Christians, said something over it that made it go up the chimney in a flame of fire. “I will have the law on you for doing such a thing to my cat,” said the father of the editor. “Would you like to see your cat?” said the priest. “I would,” said he, and the priest brought it up, covered with chains, through the hearth-rug, straight out of hell.

If a cat scratches you, it is a sign that someone will try to do you harm.

The possession of a black-nosed (“smutty-nosed”) cat, brings wealth; the ownership of a white cat brings poverty. (Maine.)

If a cat jumps on the bed of a sick person, it is a sign that they will never get well.

If a black cat sits outside of the window on the sill and meows, it is a sign of death.

If a white cat sits outside of the window on the sill and meows, it is the sign of a party.

In Massachusetts, a cat is not allowed in a living room during a thunderstorm, for fear she will draw lightning.

Catcalls on the top of a house, signifies death.

If a cat enters a room where lies a corpse at night, one of the watchers will die within twelve months.

To stumble over a cat in a dark room, is a sign that you will soon dine at a wedding.

It is unlucky for a person to throw a black cat in your lap or place one on your back.

If a cat plays with a gown or apron, it is a sign of a great gale.

In the Shetland Isles, it is thought unlucky to kill a male cat.

When a cat is hungry, it will eat coals.

“Kiss the black cat and it will make you fat;
Kiss the white one, ’twill make you lean.”

A kitten born in May, must be killed or it will bring vermin into the house. Others claim that a cat born in May will never catch mice.

It is unlucky to have a cat pass between a person and a dead body.

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