Here are some more superstitions about cats (part 2) from the 1900’s:

If two cats bite each other, in a house where a sick person lies, the person will die soon. (German.)

If Erris cats are seen scratching the legs of the table, they are scratching up a storm, and to avert it they must be struck with the tongs.

The Irish believe a red and white cat to be particularly ominous.

To stroke a black cat‘s tail seven tunes, will bring good luck at cards.

In Cochin, no one would think of continuing a walk should a black cat happen to run across the road soon after starting.

If your black cat has kittens in the garret, it is a fortunate omen. Should she have them in the cellar, look out for trouble.

“If a cat washes her face over the ear,
*Tis a sign the weather will be fine and clear.”

A black cat taking a fancy to establish itself in a house, introduces good fortune to it.

Take a black cat on board ship, and if there is a mirage seen, it will be calm until you are weary.

For a black cat to lie on a grave, is a sign that the soul of the departed is in the possession of the evil one. (German.)

A black cat coming between two persons, is a sign of quarrels or separation. To avert this, throw water where the cat has passed. (Turkish.)

For a black cat to lie on a sickbed, foretells death. (German.)

If a cat looks at you while she is trimming herself, you will get a new dress.

Butter a kitten’s feet, and it will forget its old home and be contented.

If you can catch hold of a cat‘s hind paw while it is washing itself, you can make a wish and it will come true.

An Irish omen says that if a cat looks straight at you when washing itself, it is a sign of your death, unless you make a wish.

If the cat sits and washes its face before the family breakfast, you may expect company to share your hospitality soon.

If the cat is seen washing its face at night, it will surely rain on the morrow.

For a double-pawed cat to be born in the house, is good luck.

It is said to be lucky to own a cat that likes to stand out in the rain.

To see a cat lick its young, is a sign of future happiness.

If a cat washes its face in a room where are many people, the first one whom it looks at when it has finished, is the one who will die first.

To be presented with an Angora cat, brings scandal, vexations, disappointment, poverty and an early death. In fact, all the evils follow the receiving of this gift.

Never bring a cat from one house to another on Friday; it is a sure sign of ill luck.

When the cat sits with her back to the door, it will rain.

If the cat‘s fur snaps with electricity, it is a sign of cold weather.

If you throw a cat overboard, you will have very bad luck.

For a cat to cry around in a pitiful way at night, is a sign that the witches are tormenting it.

If you see a pure white cat on a moonlight night, it means marriage.

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