Planning a Fun Halloween Party (1920's)

The following is from the 1925 Dennison’s Bogie Book:pic1-c1

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Halloween, the night of October thirty-first, is the one time of all the year when an opportunity is supposed to be given for looking into the future and having one’s fate settled for the coming twelve months.

Why not invite your friens to a Hallowe’en party and join in the fun of trying some of the time-honored ways of finding out what the future holds in store?

The traditions of this eerie night never change, but there are new ways of adapting them for parties, new ways of decorating, new forms of playing the old games and tricks that will help make the Hallowe’en party really successful.

Conventionality may be set aside and all sorts of games and stunts be used to entertain your guests.

Although the opportunities for entertainment are more diversifieid and informal than for almost any other occasion, still the details of the Hallowe’en party must be carefully arranged.

Whether you are entertaining at home or at the club, be sure to ask you guests to come in costume.  It will introduce a gay color note, add to the fun and be in keepinb with the spirit of the day.

When the party is a large one, instead of all playing one game in which only two or three can take an active part, divide the company into groups of six or eight and have progressive games.  Have a different game for each group.  Allow ten or fifteen minutes for each game and then move the same as for any progressive game.

Scores should be kept and a prize awarded at the end of the evening for the highest score.  Have the score cards made in such a way that they may be worn and so be always at hand.  A bracelet score card for the girls and a score card attached to a neck scarf for the men are shown on page 7.

There is apt to be a lull after the refreshments have been served.  A few stunts at the table wil liven up the party.  The reading of the papers written for “A Calendar of Events,” described on page 21, will fill any possible dull moment with peals of laughter.

The suggestions on the following pages may be adapted for home parties or dances for either children or adults and simplified or elaborated as occassion requires.  They are planned so that the busy hostess may achieve the most delightful and unusual results with the least possible outlay of either time or money.

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