panda1-web Almost any animal costume may be made in a similar way by changing the colors, size and shape of head, eyes, ears and tail.

A one-piece sleeping garment with feet and that fastens at the back is an ideal foundation for a small child’s costume. Crushed* or crinkled* crepe is sewed to the foundation garment.

For a larger child, a two-piece pajama may be used with darts taken at the sides of the jacket for snug fit at the bottom. If possible, sew up the front and open down the back.*

Material (3-6 yr.) – Verybest Crepe,

  • 2 folds No.-I08 Black,
  • 1 fold No. 100 White;
  • 1 pc. No.10 Flower Wire;
  • 1 pair lastex rubber soles;
  • 3/4 yd. 1/2″ white ribbon;
  • 2 yds. 3″ red ribbon;
  • 1 hat elastic;
  • paste;
  • sleeping garment.

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Crush enough black crepe paper* to cover the foundation garment with a double thickness.

For this, the crepe paper is used with the grain of the paper going across instead of up and down.

Using the garment as a pattern, cut the crepe paper, Fig. A.* Cut sleeves separately. Put two thicknesses together for each part and stitch all seams. Turn. Sew sleeves to armholes, turn under at bottom. Slip body over foundation. Sew around neck, armholes, at back opening and at bottom of feet. Sew soles in place, covering the extra paper which was turned under.

Make the front of body from a double thickness of white crushed crepe paper* like a large bib, Fig. B. Sew I” wide fringe* around the edge. Sew to body at neck and 3″ or 4″ down each side.

For head, cut a double thickness strip of white crepe paper about 9″ wide and long enough to fit head size. Seam short ends. Cut out in front to fit face, Fig. C. Stitch around opening. Gather at top and turn, stitch I” wide white fringe* around face opening. Cut pieces of black crepe paper 4″ wide, 6″ long. Fold in half across the grain but do not crease. Gather open ends with needle and thread. Pull up gathers to make rounded ears, Fig. D. Sew to cap. Sew narrow ribbons to tie head in place. Cut a double thickness -of white crepe about 6″ long, 2 1/2″ wide shaped like Fig. E. Sew 1h”
wide white fringe around edge. Cut circles of black crepe and paste in place. Cut small round holes in the center. Attach hat elastic.


To make the paws, draw around hands with fingers spread out fot the pattern, Fig. F. Cut 4 thicknesses of black and 2 oval pieces of white. Stitch double thickness of white to double- thickness of black, then, with the white in, stitch the four thicknesses of black together and turn. Repeat for other hand.

Make a 2″ wide fringe of black*. Wind around a 4″ piece of wire to make a full fluffy tail, Fig. G. Sew to costume.

The red ribbon bow may be tied on after the costume has been put on.

* detailed instructions for these processes can be found on pages 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 of

45 Easy to Make Costumes and Accessories of Crepe Paper

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