Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas (1940's)

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No richer opportunity for effective decoration is given by any season than we find at Hallowe’en.   Here are some suggestions for Outdoor Halloween Decorations:

  • Autumn leaves, corn stalks, and lighted pumpkin Jack-o’-lanterns are traditional and easily prepared.
  • Free hand cuttings of witches, pumpkins, cats, bats, elves, fairies, spiders, owls, cauldrons, broomsticks or peaked hats of black and orange construction paper may be pinned about on the curtains and walls.
  • Candles, dishes of alcohol and salt and blue Christmas lights furnish a ghostly illumination.
  • Apples, turnips, or carrots, cut in grotesque faces, may be used for candlesticks.
  • If lamps or electric lights are used, make special shades of stiff orange and black paper cut like Jack-o’-lanterns.
  • A row of Jack-o’-lanterns on the fence, porch railing or shrubbery gives a Hallowe’en atmosphere.
  • On the posts seat two goblins, with Jack-o’-lantern heads.  The body is a smaller pumpkin and carrots are used for arms and legs, fastened to the body with wire.
  • Outline the walk with a double row of pumpkins, and at the door-steps place a pair of ghosts.  These are made by firmly fastening a Jack-o’-lantern, for a head, to an upright post, and draping in a white sheet or tablecloth.
  • Each room could have a different motif, and be named “Cat Alley”, “Bat Tower”, “The Spider’s Den”, etc. and the prize for the game played in each room should be a bat, cat, etc.

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