Make Unique Halloween Invitations Using Vintage Seals (1920's)


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The following is from the 1925 Dennison’s Bogie Book:

The only suggestion of formality for a Halloween party is the invitation, and even there great latitude is allowed.  To be sure, invitations of many shapes and styles may be bought ready made, but there are many ways to utilize gummed seals and cardboard cut-outs to make distinctive and original invitations.  Often the invitation is orange colored and the wording in the form of a verse.  The invitation illustrated is made of a Cut-out II 109 pasted to the side of a white card.  The verse above is appropriate for any kind of Halloween party but perhaps you will prefer to write an original jingle.

Here is another option for invitation wording:

Perhaps you think there are no witches,

Hasn’t even winced

At just the thought of spooks and things – –

Well come and be convinced

At my party on ………..

At ……… o’clock

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