How to Make Slip-Over Costumes of Crepe Paper

Slip Over CostumeA Slip-Over Costume is what its name implies and is worn over any simple frock. It does not require a muslin foundation; all that is needed for the founda­tion is a straight strip of crepe paper, long enough to reach from the neck, front and back, to the waist line or below. It may be made the correct width either by cutting as shown by the dotted lines in illustration No.1, or one or two tucks may be made as shown in illustration No. 2. An oval or oblong piece is cut out for the neck.

To this foundation ruffles, fringe or flower petals are sewed or pasted. The front and back are usually just alike. Narrow ribbons are sewed on each side, front and back, atthe waist line to hold the costume in place. A slip-over and cap to match, made from one fold of crepe paper, are shown below.

Cut a piece from the fold 22 inches long for the cap. From the remainder cut a piece double the length from shoulder to waist line. Cut a strip 5 inches wide, from one side of this strip, then cut out the neck. Make the waist the correct width by cutting or making tucks. Divide the remaining piece of crepe in two equal lengths and gather each about an inch from the top and sew to the waist. Cut a strip 5 inches wide from the piece for the cap and use it and the strip cut from the waist to make the sash ends.

Slash the two long edges of the piece for the cap about 2 inches deep. Paste the two short ends together. Turn up one edge and gather the other, fastening tightly with wire.

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