Cutting Strips of Petals from Crepe Paper

Slip the paper from the packet, mark and cut off the required width. Unfold the strip, stretch slightly, then starting with the two ends together refold until there are eight thickĀ­nesses. Make straight cuts down the required distance apart and round off the sections as necessary. Be sure to leave a piece of paper at the top at least 2 or 3 inches uncut (illustration No.2).

Creating Twisted Petals from Crepe Paper

Cut strips of petals as described above, then holding a petal division between the thumbs and forefingers of both hands, twist towards you with one hand and away with the other. Repeat until the whole strip is twisted (illustration No.3).

Making Rose Petals from Crepe Paper

Roll the top edges of the petal over a knitting needle of suitable size, and if a crushed effect is wanted, push the paper close together as it is rolled around the needle. When very large petals are being made use a pencil inĀ­stead of a knitting needle (illustration No.4).

Making Cup Shaped Petals from Crepe Paper

Take several thicknesses of petals together or a single petal and with the thumbs in the center of the petal and the forefingers on the opposite side near the edges push the petal into shape.

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