Make a Gourd Jack o' Lantern for Halloween


Gourd Jack-O-Lantern Light #halloweencraftThis is from the 1950’s…

Traditional jack-o-lanterns made from hollowed pumpkins lack the durability and portability so much desired by Halloween pranksters.  A good substitute that fills all the practical requirements can be made from a large gourd of the necked variety.

The gourd selected should be properly dried and coated with shellac or orange-colored enamel.  Cut eyes, nose and mouth in the appropriate design, then cut off the neck of the gourd at a point just below the bulbous end.

Fit the lens of a large flash-light into the opening, trimming or padding the opening as required to obtain a snug fit. The flashlight is held securely in place with several turns of cellulose tape.

What other crafts could this inspire? A string of gourd ‘heads’ lit with LED bulbs, perhaps?

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