Invitations are delivered in a mysterious fashion. On a dark night before Hallowe’en, a dull thud on the front door brings the occupants out to discover a large white skeleton hand lying on the door-step, which turns out to be an invitation to a party.

Pumpkins and leaves decorate the dimly lighted room. The serving table may be a Goblin Farm, with crepe paper ground, scarecrows, etc.

Pumpkins are cookies disguised in a roll of orange crepe paper.

Bottles of sweet cider are hidden in shocks of corn.

Small green gumdrops make leaves on crepe paper pumpkin vines.

A fence of apples may border the “farm.”

Games: Choosing Companions, Spider’s Web, Seventh Cat, Scrambled Shoes, Jenkins

And then-time to raid the Goblin Farm!


  • Tuna Sandwiches on Ship Sandwich Plate,
  • Funny Face Sandwiches,
  • Goblin Salad,
  • Ghost Cocoa,
  • Soft Molasses Cookies with lantern faces,
  • Witches’ Bonfires.

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