Indoor Halloween Decoration Ideas (1940's)

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Here are some ideas for Halloween Decorations to use inside.  Perfect for home use and the classroom too!

  • Stacked corn stalks with Jack-o’-lantern heads.
  • Black cat and witch cut-outs on curtain and chandeliers.
  • Dark blue crepe paper sky with a big yellow moon.
  • White cardboard tombstones fitting over the back of each chair.
  • Imitation fence around the dimly-lit room.
  • Wiggly spiders suspended from the ceiling with rubber bands.
  • Strips of brown paper, hay or leaves on the floor.
  • Brown cardboard tree-stump with an owl staring out.
  • Large cut-out cat fastened to the wall my hold a crepe paper bag full of Hallowe’en hats, noise-makers, fortunes or favors.
  • White cut-out skulls-and-cross-bones.
  • Large black cat-heads with wide-open mouths and eyes for light shades.
  • Green crepe paper strips with cut-out skulls attached can hang from chandeliers.

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