Many kinds of wings are used with crepe paper costumes.

Making Feather Wings

Feather wings, such as Cupid wings and angel wings, are made on a founda­tion of wire bent in the correct shape, or if they are quite large, the foundation is made of cardboard reinforced with wire. When cardboard is used, cut inthe desired shape and then cut out the center, leaving a narrow frame. A wire, shaped to follow the outline of the wing, is fastened to it with tabs of gummed cloth tape (illus. No.1). After the wires are attached, cover the frame smoothly on both sides with crepe paper.

“Feathers” made of rows of pointed petals are pasted to the foundation. The wings are made separately, each one having an extension that bends back and fastens to the other. The wings are sewed to the back of the costume. Large wings, in addition to being sewed, are often tied with narrow ribbons across the chest.

Make Fairy & Bee Wings

Plain wings for bees or fairies are made by wrapping long heavy wires with crepe paper and then bending in correct shape. Twist the ends together, leaving enough wire so that the two wings may be fastened together. Cover both sides of the wire foundation, pasting the crepe smoothly in place. Trim off the edges carefully, thenfasten together and sew to the costume (illus. No.2).

Make Butterfly Wings

For butterfly wings make a foundation the same as for fairy wings (see illus. No.3), covering the foundation smoothly with crepe paper. Cover again with crepe, having the paper flat and smooth at the outer edge but gathered slightly at the center. Decorate the with crepe of a contrasting color cut in the desired shape and pasted in place. The coloring may be done with sealing wax paint – if preferred.

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