Hootin' Halloween Party Idea (1920's)

Shall we have a party for Halloween? That is no question in the average school. It is a foregone conclu­sion. The one and only problem left is: “Just what kind of party shall we have?” Let us suggest a party for all the wise owls of the rising generation. The invitations might read as follows:

To-whit, to-whee,
Let’s make whoopee;
The day you’ll guess,
The hour is three.

To-whit, to-whee,
Come bring with thee
A fruit that came
From the apple tree.

To-whit, to-whee,
It seems to me,
A mask might help
Increase the glee.

After the word “mask” let us put an owl seal for an asterisk, and add this important footnote: “A prize will be offered for the most original.” Clever ones may be made from paper sacks.

The entertainment committee, or per­haps the whole class or group, will enjoy carrying the owl motif into all the decorations. The in­vitations can be written on heavy yellow paper which has been folded and cut to fit one of the large Hallowe’en owl stickers. The lights in the room can be covered with inverted conical shades made of light-weight black cardboard which has been cut away into original designs and lined with orange crepe paper. From the tip of the cone hang smaller cut-outs, preferably owls. The serving table, usually the teacher’s desk transformed, may be made into a goblin farm, well protected by crepe paper scare crows and wire skeletons. If the table is pushed against the blackboard and the idea continued there in chalk, a most effective setting will be produced. The field itself is represented by light tan crepe crushed and crinkled.  The pumpkins are cookies disguised in a roll of bright orange crepe, and the bottles of sweet cider are hidden in the shocks of corn. Small green gum drops make the leaves of the pumpkin vines, the vines themselves being made from crepe paper. If fruit is desired, a fence of red and yellow apples may border the whole.

Crepe paper window curtains can carry out the general scheme and some rolls of decorated crepe, combined with a lesson or two on poster making, will produce some very original wall decorations. The apples which the children bring will add to the decorative color, as well as to the amusement.

Apple Antics Halloween Game

Lay a broom on the floor with an apple about 20 inches in front of it. Vary this distance according to the size of the player. The player kneels, putting both knees and both hands on the handle. The object then is to stoop forward without moving either the hands or the feet and pick up the apple with the teeth. To the successful one will come great success in later life.

Apple and Soap Halloween Game

Attach an apple to one end of a stick 18 inches long, and a ball of soap to the other end. Swing the stick from a light, or the ceiling, balancing it so that the stick hangs horizontally. Gauge the height at which it is hung according to the players. Twirl the
stick rapidly. The object is to bite the apple, rather than the bar of soap.

Apple Didoes Halloween Game

The apples are pared, making the peel, if possible, into one long spiral. This is thrown over the left shoulder with the eyes closed.
The letter or figure formed on the floor from the peeling indicates the initial of a future sweetheart, or the number of years before marriage. In case the modern pupil has not learned the old, old rhyme of the apple seeds, we quote it here: “One, I love;  Two, I love; Three, I love I say;
Four, I love with all my heart; Five, I cast away;
Six, he loves; Seven, she loves; Eight, they both love;
Nine, he comes; Ten, he tarries;
Eleven, he courts; Twelve, he marries;
Thirteen, they quarrel; Fourteen, they part;
Fifteen, they die with a broken heart;
Sixteen wishes; Seventeen, riches;
all the rest are little witches.”

The Ghost Whistle Halloween Game

There are two requirements for this game. The first is one player who is not familiar with the game, who must be IT. The other is a small light whistle, or even a tiny bottle which may serve as a whistle.

The players form in a circle around the one who is to be IT. He is shown the whistle and told to catch the one who is blowing it. While he is being blindfolded the whistle is quickly tied to a short string and pinned to his back. The various players blow it just as often as opportunity arises. Of course, as IT leaps in one direction the elusive whistle blows directly behind him. The game is up, of course, as soon as IT discovers the whistle bobbing against his own back. If another game is in progress at the same time, material for a new IT may be easily discovered.

An Acrobatic Needle Halloween Game

Another stunt which is apt to become quite hilarious is threading the needle to discover future leaders in the world’s affairs. From a broomstick suspend by its handles a large gal­vanized iron tub. Place the broom­ stick between two chairs, allowing plentyof room for the tub to swing. The player then sits astride the broomstick and puts his feet in the tub. In this position he endeavors earnestly to thread a needle and at the same time preserve his balance. We recommend a large needle.

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