Hiding Ghost Halloween Decoration (1920's)

Ghosts may be encountered partly hidden under a chair or sofa. They really are not so fearsome since they have tangible form of crepe paper and cardboard.

The hiding ghost can be easily made with some heavy white paper or crepe paper, craft glue, wire, black marker and something to use for “stuffing” (newspaper).

Trace both your right and left hand, make 2 of each.

Glue, tape or staple the hands together, leaving the wrist part open.

Gently stuff the hands with cut up newspaper or other suitable stuffing.

Insert each end of the wire into the stuffed hand.  Attach the hand to the wire using glue or tape.

Use fringed crepe paper or ribbon to cover up where the hands are attached to the wire.

Trace a large oval on heavy paper to be the ghost’s head and body – make 2 of these.

To make the ghost’s head and body, glue or staple the two pieces together – make sure to put the wire hands in between the body before completing.  Stuff the ghost with newspaper or other suitable stuffing.

Draw a face on the ghost using black marker or paint.

You can further decorate your hiding ghost using crepe paper, ribbon or other embellishments.

Place your hiding Halloween ghost under a couch (as pictured), peaking out from behind a curtain, coming out of a cupboard, or any of another surprising places.

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