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Halloween Magic is a stunt that small boys particularly will enjoy to the fullest.

Several persons are sent from the room and are brought in again blindfolded. Two plates are placed on a table directly in front of the victims.  One is empty and the other covered with soot.

The witch tells the audience that there must be absolute silence in order not to break the magic spell.  The witch then rubs her forefinger around and around the empty plate, all the while muttering unintelligible words.

She then makes some mystic signs with her finger on the victim’s forehead, cheeks and chin. He is then told to repeat all of these motions, first rubbing, his finger around and around the second plate.

After he has completed these motions, to the satisfaction of the witch, the bandage is then removed and he is allowed to join
the rest of the audience, while the other victims, one at a time, have the magic spell cast over them.

The first inkling of what has really happened to himself comes when he sees the other fellow under the magic spell.

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