Two girls give this, wearing a costume made as follows:

  • Make a white cloth sack, like a pillow slip, but rounded off at the upper corners to slip over the head, coming down to the shoulders.
  • Around the bottom of this gather a white cloth skirt, reaching below the knees, trimmed with black.
  • The arms are kept down close to the sides, under the skirt.
  • Make holes for the eyes and mouth, marking around the eyes with black crayon.
  • Mark around the mouth with red.
  • On the head sew hair of strips of black cloth, having a long braid in front of each shoulder.

When they come onto the stage they keep faces to the audience, moving forward and slightly sidewaise; when leaving the stage, back off, making several bows.  This does not give a back view and reveal the fact that there is no hair on the back of the head.

Singing should be spooky, and the singer under the cloth will make it so.

Tune: There’s Music in the Air

We are not ghosts or goblins,

Neither are we elves or sprites;

We are the Goofy Goblins,

Out to see the mystic sights.

We have heard of Hallowe’en

Many thrilling forms are seen,

And the Goofy Goblin pair

In the revels wish to share.

2nd verse:

We thought you’d like to meet us,

‘Cause we are so cute and gay;

We often help the sad folks

Drive their gloom and cares away.

Neither witch nor seer are we.

Yet we often prophe-sigh.

And we swear by our right feet,

(bring right feet down with a stomp)

You’ll all live until you die.

3rd verse:

Beware of naughty witches

Sneaking ’round on Hallowe’en,

For they and their big black cats

Often get to acting mean;

But the Goofy Goblin two

Only good will bring to you,

And a sight of us, folks say,

Will drive rheumatiz away.

(bow proudly)

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