Goblin Way Table Decoration Idea (1940's)

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“Goblin Way” might be the name of the dining room.  Here’s how to decorate for this Halloween Theme:

  • For this scheme two long tables covered with appropriate crepe paper or paper table coverings are used.
  • High overhead, between the tables, place a long horizontal wire.  From this as a center, radiate long strips of twisted crepe paper in orange and black.  Attach them to the farther side of the tables, making an archway down which the line moves for refreshments.
  • The candles on the table are placed in tiny Jack-o’-lanterns formed from large red apples.
  • You could make the apples into goblins by fastening to a smaller apple with toothpicks and using candy orange-slices for arms and legs.

Scores of other decorating ideas can be built about familiar themes, such as the witch and cat, elves and fairies, pumpkin and apple boys, spider webs and hollow trees, peaked hats and cauldrons, owls, bats and broomsticks.

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