Fortune Telling With Walnut Shells (1910's)

This Halloween Fortune Telling Game and MANY others can be found in the following book available from

Games For Hallowe’en

by Mary E. Blain

  • Open English walnuts
  • remove meat
  • in each half shell fasten short pieces of differently colored Christmas candles
    • each of which is to be named for a member of party
  • These nut-shell boats may also be made by pouring melted wax into halves of walnut-shells in which are short strings for wicks.
  • after lighting, set afloat in large pan or tub of water

The behavior of these tiny boats reveals future of those for whom they are named.

  • If two glide on together, their owners have a similar destiny
  • if they glide apart, so will their owners.
  • Sometimes candles will huddle together as if talking to one another, while perchance one will be left alone, out in the cold, as it were.
    • Again, two will start off and all the rest will closely follow.
  • The one whose candle first goes out is destined to be old bachelor or maid.

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