Fortune Telling Verses (1920's)

Fortunes in verse form can be used in many fun-producing ways at a Halloween party. Here are a number that the hostess can use as best meets her requirements to foretell the destiny other guests.

Keep in mind, these “fortunes” were first published in the 1920’s.  They reflect the views of the sexes at that time.

Fortunes for Boys

West Point you will take by storm-
You look so well in uniform!

Annapolis will be your fate-
You’ll wear a middie at any rate!

You’ll be a very modern sheik-
But do not let your knees get weak!

Some “Gentlemen prefer a blond”
Of them you, too, are very fond!

A man of business you will be­
You’ll make a fortune eas~ily!

As engineer you’ll climb to fame­
All the world will know your name!

You’ll marrya girl bythe name of Kate-
For the wedding day it’s hard to wait!

You’ll be a preacher fearless and bold­
And put Billy Sunday out in the cold!

A chauffeur-that’s the thing for you­
But be a careful driver, do!

A chain of stores is in your eyes-
Your profits will to mountains rise!

Athletics-that’s where you will shine­
Another Babe Ruth may be in line!

Boxing-that’s the thing for you-
But I wouldn’t tryDempseyif I were you!

Fortunes for Girls

A handsome prince with eyes of blue
Is coming straight from France to you!

I see what is in store for you-
A pretty tea room comes in view!

A beauty parlor you will run-
Making curls is lots of fun!

You’ll be happy, I surely know­
With hubby in a bungalow!

You’ll have a husband you can rule­
But do not let him know-the fool!

You’ll have a husband you adore-
And he will love you more and more!

Just act dumb and cry and whine-
For husbands love a “clinging vine”!

You’ll marry a man with eyes of brown,
And he is right within this town!

“Stay,stay at home, dear heart, and rest,” Longfellow said-
and he knows best!

You’ll find your happiness right at home,
No need around the world to roam!

A few old maids the world still needs­
You’ll find your happiness in good deeds!

A masculine girl the men alarm-
So keep your own sweet feminine charm!

Fortunes for Both Boys & Girls

In the movies you will go-
I trust you will not find it slow!

You’ll be a student somber and sad­
Cheer up-the world is not so bad!

You’ll be a leader in your gang-
One does not hear a thing but slang!

A fortune will be left to you-
Take care of it whate’er you do!

You’ll be an aviator bold-
Your stunts will make one’s blood run cold!

I think you’ll be an acrobat-
Unless you take on too much fat!

Around the world your voice will go,
Announcing for the radio!

A singer-your voice is like a bird­
And over the radio will be heard!

As an editor you will shine-
So much money for every line!

Your married Iife will happy be-
With handsome children, one, two, three!

A pair of twins will be your joy-
A little girl and a little boy!

You only like to spoon and spoon­
Sitting out beneath the moon!

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