Female Pirate Crepe Paper Costume

Materials Needed (adult size)

6 Fold~ No. 12 Black Crepe Paper
2 Folds No. B W 3 Decorated Crepe Paper
I Sheet No. 12 Mat Stock
1 Spool No. 1 Wire

The skirt is very full. The best effect can be gained by using two or three ruffled skirts, one above the other. The bodice and the pompons are made of Decorated Crepe.

To make the pompoms follow the instructions on the How to Make Pompoms page, cutting the paper 10 inches wide. The hat is made of two pieces of black card­ board fastened together at the sides to make the correct head size. Check out the Crepe Paper Hats page for tips on making the hat.  It is left open at the top and is trimmed with a large pompon like those on the dress. Long streamers of white that hang from one point give a finishing touch.

Before making the Female Pirate Crepe Paper Costume you may want to read the Basic Instructions for Making Crepe Paper Costumes.

This Costumes and MANY others are found in the book: How to Make Crepe Paper Costumes

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