Simple Angel Wings – Easy To Make from Crepe Paper

Simple Angel Wings to Make
These easy-to-make Angel Wings are great for school plays, Halloween costumes, even dress-up.
They could also be used as butterfly wings, fairy wings, bug wings.

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  • Verybest Crepe, 1 fold No. 100 White;
  • 1 pc. No. 7 Flower Wire;
  • paste;
  • 1 pc. 1/2″ white Gift tyying Ribbon.

Easy Angel Wings to Make two 18″ pieces of wire with 1/2″  wide strips of crepe paper.  (see Tips for Cutting Crepe Paper)

Cut crepe paper 19″ wide, 24″ long.

Paste one wrapped wire to each 19″ edge. Fold edge over 1/2″ and paste, arranging so that the paper extends 1/2″  beyond the wire at both ends.

Fold in 1/2″ accordion pleats. Fasten at middle with thread, Fig. F. While still in tight
pleats, cut ends in semicircle, Fig. F. Cover center fastening with a narrow wrapping of crepe paper.

Sew ribbons to center in crossed position so that they may be brought over shoulders, under arms, crossed in front and tied at back.

Bend wires at center so that wings will open into correct position.

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Feather-Like Angel Wings

How to Make Feather-Like Angel Wings

Make Feather Like Angel Wings

  • Making Feather Wings

    Feather wings, such as Cupid wings and angel wings, are made on a founda­tion of wire bent in the correct shape, or if they are quite large, the foundation is made of cardboard reinforced with wire. When cardboard is used, cut inthe desired shape and then cut out the center, leaving a narrow frame. A wire, shaped to follow the outline of the wing, is fastened to it with tabs of gummed cloth tape (illus. No.1). After the wires are attached, cover the frame smoothly on both sides with crepe paper.

    make-feather-wings“Feathers” made of rows of pointed petals are pasted to the foundation. The wings are made separately, each one having an extension that bends back and fastens to the other. The wings are sewed to the back of the costume. Large wings, in addition to being sewed, are often tied with narrow ribbons across the chest.

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Feather-Like Angel Wings & Costume Using Crepe Paper (16 pages)

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Angel Wings & Costume Instructions

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Children’s Halloween Costumes from the 1920’s

Here’s some vintage inspiration for your little one’s Halloween Costume:

“Merry Revellers

“Here’s a gay bevy of Carnival Folk – Oranges and Lemons in tarlatan skirts and black gold-laced bodice – the White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland fame, in a home-made brushed wool or animal plush costume. The Butterfly wears a little pleated under-dress of sulphur yellow tulle with gauzy wings, daubed with orange and brown paint.  True to tradition, the little Red Witch flaunts a bold blak cat on her scarlet head-dress, which matches her sateen frock.  The fluffy Chick is just a mass of muslin frills, with fluffy wool cap.  Dress the Candlestick in bright green with candle head-dress and wool “light”. “

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Merry Revellers Children's Costumes for Halloween

Easy Imp Costume To Make

Easy Imp or Devil Costume to MakeIf you have not asked your guests to come in Hallowe’en costume, start off your party by presenting each guest with some sort of simple costume and cap. You can slap them together in no time if you use some of the designs of crepe paper printed in Hallowe’en patterns. They will add so much to the enjoyment of your guests that you will be more than repaid for your efforts.

Costumes that are called “slip-over” will answer beautifully if you must make enough costumes for the whole crowd. You
can make two from one fold of crepe paper, and it will not take more than ten or fifteen minutes to make one, so the  expenditure of either time or money will be negligible. A .
piece of crepe paper twice the length from shoulder to the waist line or below, with an oval piece cut out for the neck, is the foundation.  To it you may fasten two extra gathered pieces for the skirt, a bit of fringed paper on either side for trimming, or the slip-over may be perfectly plain and held in place with a crepe paper sash.

For the boys, slip-over jumpers may be made, or some simple
ruffles that may be tied around neck and wrists to form imps’ costumes.

Before making the Imp Costume you may want to read the Basic Instructions for Making Crepe Paper Costumes and How To Make Slip-Over Costumes at our other site –

Bird Costume

Bird CostumeBird Crepe Paper Costume

Materials Needed (8 year old size)

3 Folds Crepe Paper color selected for body
1 Fold Crepe Paper color selected for breast
2 Pieces No. 15 Wire

1 Piece N0.3 Gummed Tape

The foundation for this costume is cut longer in the back than in the front and
shaped to represent the tail. Reinforce the edges with wire. Cover the entire foundation with rows of pointed “feathers,” begin­ning at the bottom both front and back and working to the shoulders. Cut separate pieces for the wings, covering them also with “feathers.” Gather the wings slightly at the top and sew to the sides of the foundation as seen on the “how to make slip-over costumes” page.

Sew ribbons on the sides to tie the wings together at the lower part of the arm. The head is made on a tight bonnet, covered with “feathers” to match the body of the costume. A beak of cardboard may be used or not as preferred.

Before making the Bird Costume you may want to read the Basic Instructions for Making Crepe Paper Costumes and How To Make Slip-Over Costumes

This Costume and MANY others are found in the book: How to Make Crepe Paper Costumes

You can also find more Homemade Costume Ideas at our Vintage Halloween Ideas web site.

Carnation Costume

Carnation Crepe Paper Costume

Materials Needed (14 year old size):

6 Folds No. 31 Light Blush Pink Crepe Paper
5 Folds No. 32 Medium Blush Pink Crepe Paper
5 Folds No. 33 Dark Blush Pink Crepe Paper
2 Folds No. 35 Cerise Crepe Paper
1 Fold No. 45 Moss Green Crepe Paper
1 1/2 Doz. No. 10 Wire, 1/2Doz. No. 15 Wire

The skirt is made of fringe in two shades of the color Continue reading “Carnation Costume”