Broomstraw Fortune Telling Game (1920's)

One verse is to be attached to a straw of a witch’s broom favor (like the one pictured here). The rhyme is to be attached to the broom handle.

From straws, you may know which way the winds blow.

So proverbs quite ancient have said;
Witch broomstraws will tell Life’s breezes as well,
And so let the future be read!

The straw says,”Quite too long you’ve tarried,
But cheer upl You will soon get married!”

The straw sailed through the skies above,
And learned that you will fall in love!

A long, long journey you will take.
(Witch broomstraws never made mistake!)

Some day you will be very rich!
The broomstraw told this to the witch!

“Success will surely come to you,”
The straw said this, and straws speak true.

“A legacy will come your way,”
That’s what the mystic broomstraws say!

Oh, you’ll have happiness galore,
Get all you wish for and some more!

Oh, you will have joy and you’ll also have strife,
Beware the evil person who comes into your life!

In your chosen profession, success you will win,
But you’ll have to work hard, so you’d better begin.

You’ll meet “blue eyes and yellow hair.”
The broomstraw warns, “Beware! Beware!”

If you wed a tall brunette
Broomstraw says you’ll not regret.

You’ll fall in love over and over again,
But never get married, the broomstraw says plain.

This year you will prosper, your path will be sunny,
The broomstraw is sure you will make lots of money.

You’ll travel far, you’ll travel wide,
And have much happiness beside.

A very great change soon, is coming your way,
‘Twill be for the better, that’s what the straws say.

You’ll often go flying, ’tis strange and ’tis true,
But the old witch’s broomstick flies higher than you!

The future will hand you a handsome new car,
In which you will travel so fast and so far!

You want a new house? Well you’ll get it so surely.
On the word of the broomstick, just bank real securely.

A brand new position, with pay that is better,
Now wait, and you’ll see this comes true to he letter!

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