Crepe paper is the most satisfactory material to use for making all kinds of fancy dress costumes. The variety of beautiful shades in which Crepe Paper is made, its strength and fine texture give it many advantages over cloth materials. Many very spectacular effects can be obtained that could be gained in no other way except by using very expensive fabrics.

Exclamations of wonder and delight are heard on every side whenever crepe paper costumes are used for play, pageant or costume ball. Those who see the costumes cannot believe that the wonderfully spectacular effects and unusual color schemes can possibly be obtained with crepe paper.

Directors of school and playground pageants and plays, where expense must be kept down to the minimum and where masses of color rather than fine detail are required, will find it possible to make very satisfactory Slip-Over Costumes for children up to ten years old, using only one fold of crepe paper for each costume. A costume made of one fold of crepe paper is illustrated on the Slip-Over Costumes.

Spectacular costumes can be created with crepe paper for all kinds of stage use and for fancy dress balls. Several of these more elaborate costumes are shown here.  Some of them require a good deal of detail and should be attempted only by those familiar with handling crepe paper. Many of the seem­ingly most difficult costumes, however, are really simple of con­struction and easily made. The cost of the materials for even the
most elaborate costume is little in comparison with the price of any cloth materials that might be used.

The girl who decides at the very last minute to go to a costume party can make in less than an hour a charming costume similar to the Halloween Themed Costume, of course, appropriate colors and designs.

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