A Good Deed Halloween Prank (1940's)

A twelve-year-old girl planned this party for her friends, a group of boys and girls, so that the novel theme was a surprise even to her mother.

In each invitation she asked the guests to bring oranges, apples, candies and canned goods for a mysterious purpose.

The children spent an enjoyable evening playing games, giving stunts, and telling ghost stories. Finally Jane asked their approval of this plan :

Would they like to proceed with masks and Jack-o’lanterns to the home of a needy family and leave their boxes of food on the porch as a new kind of Hallowe’en prank? The boys and girls were delighted, and with Jane’s father as helper brought the food to the house, knocked on the door, and ran to hiding places to watch.
They saw the door open and the mother step out to look at the boxes. Soon the little children gathered around to exclaim over the good things left’ for them. When
the family was safely inside, Jane and her band of goblins turned happily homeward, ready for refreshments and certain that this was the best Hallowe’en fun they had ever had.

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