Carnation Costume

Carnation Crepe Paper Costume

Materials Needed (14 year old size):

6 Folds No. 31 Light Blush Pink Crepe Paper
5 Folds No. 32 Medium Blush Pink Crepe Paper
5 Folds No. 33 Dark Blush Pink Crepe Paper
2 Folds No. 35 Cerise Crepe Paper
1 Fold No. 45 Moss Green Crepe Paper
1 1/2 Doz. No. 10 Wire, 1/2Doz. No. 15 Wire

The skirt is made of fringe in two shades of the color Continue reading “Carnation Costume”

1920’s Film Stars in Costume

Merna Kennedy and Glenn Tryon – both Universal players, step out in crepe paper costumes to show the world that one can look like a million in a one dollar rig.

1920's Actors in Halloween Costumes

Miss Kennedy’s dress is made of canary, orange and French blue crepe paper with pasted on silver stars.

Glenn Tryon wears a cape of orange and jade green crepe paper and a collar, cap and tunic fashioned of Decorated Crepe Paper