Goblin Halloween Party (1940s)

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On Hallowe’en the goblins and elves come out of their homes to play and dance among the toadstools.

Toadstools and goblins provide a good motif for a children’s party. The toadstools consist of orange balloons “growing” on long stems of pale green crepe paper. These may be pinned to the walls at various heights or thumb-tacked to the floor. A few leaves and tree branches add to the decorative scheme.

Use one of the inner doorways as the entrance to the Goblin’s Cave, made of blankets stretched across chairs, where a gnome tells fortunes.

Have a Goblin’s Relay. Play Harvest, Autumn Leaves, Doughnut Puncture, and Hallowe’en Ten Pins.
Your final game might be Toadstool Scramble in which there is a grand rush for all the balloon toadstools you have for

You’ll find some good things to gobble at your Goblin Party by looking through our recipes.

Furnish plenty of small prizes for all winners.

Black Cat Party Idea (1940s)

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Invitations: A black cat with tag around its neck on which you write your invitations.

Decorations: House should be decorated
in all sorts and sizes of cats. Many
china and such cats can be borrowed to
use. Others may be found in magazines,
while black cats can always be found
around Hallowe’en. If possible have several
real live cats in the house.

Games: Play Copy Cats, Fortune Telling Peanuts, Giant Ghost, Society Anthem.

Open peanuts and reveal their fortunes.
Meet the Queen of Hallowe’en. Have milk
drinking contest by placing milk in saucers
before each guest which must be
lapped up with the tongue. Divide guests
into two sides.

Your Menu: Hallowe’en Faces, Bread
Cheese Sticks, Candlette Salad, Spook Cocoa,Devil’s Food Cake.

Easy Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Learn how to Easily Paint Your Pumpkins

With each annual visit to the pumpkin patch, teachers, room mothers, scout troop leaders and parents alike often wonder how to make the most of the prize pumpkin that was chosen by a child.

Forget the messy and dangerous ideas of carving.  Pumpkin Painting is the perfect solution to a creative dilemma!
Painting silly, goofy or scary faces or other designs can be a fun, yet relatively simple activity for children and adults.
Preschool age children can even participate in creating their own designs for their pumpkins.  You certainly can’t say that about carving pumpkins!
The easiest design to paint on a pumpkin is a traditional jack-o-lantern face. But here are some other ideas for festive designs:
– silly or goofy faces
– favorite cartoon characters
– fall leaves
– scarecrow
– witch
– princess
– turkey
– spider
– ghosts
– cats
– goblin

Painting pumpkins is a very economical craft as most supplies are readily available (you probably already have some of these in your home):
– washable markers
– acrylic craft paints
– newspaper
– spray sealer
– accessories such as raffia, jewelry, hats, etc.

Before beginning, decide what design you are going to paint and trace that design onto a clean pumpkin. You can freehand the design or select one of the many designs in the ultimate e-guide for pumpkin painting, Easy Pumpkin Painting.

Once you or your child has painted their first pumpkin, chances are you’ll want to paint an entire pumpkin family to proudly display at your home.

Pumpkin Painting is an annual family tradition at our house. We hope it will be at yours as well.

Easy Pumpkin Painting is a guide that contains step-by-step instructions and color photographs of exactly how to paint the cutest Halloween pumpkins.  It also contains templates that you can use to paint your first pumpkin in about an hour!  Easy Pumpkin Painting makes painting pumpkins, well, Easy!

Prize Winners! Did You Win?

Here are previous winners…

October 16th – Barbara C. from Pennsylvania – Halloweeen: A Holiday Book.

October 9th – (pending – winner notified)

October 2nd – Linda F. from Oregon – 1923 Dennison’s Bogie Book.  Linda has a website of gift items – including Halloween, check it out HERE.

September – Nikki from Klein Karoo, South Africa – Gypsy Magic, Fortune &  Folklore of the 1800’s.

August – Stacey from California – Book of Hallowe’en.

Kilkenny Party Idea (1940s)

Invitations are delivered in a mysterious fashion. On a dark night before Hallowe’en, a dull thud on the front door brings the occupants out to discover a large white skeleton hand lying on the door-step, which turns out to be an invitation to a party.

Pumpkins and leaves decorate the dimly lighted room. The serving table may be a Goblin Farm, with crepe paper ground, scarecrows, etc.

Pumpkins are cookies disguised in a roll of orange crepe paper.

Bottles of sweet cider are hidden in shocks of corn.

Small green gumdrops make leaves on crepe paper pumpkin vines.

A fence of apples may border the “farm.”

Games: Choosing Companions, Spider’s Web, Seventh Cat, Scrambled Shoes, Jenkins

And then-time to raid the Goblin Farm!


  • Tuna Sandwiches on Ship Sandwich Plate,
  • Funny Face Sandwiches,
  • Goblin Salad,
  • Ghost Cocoa,
  • Soft Molasses Cookies with lantern faces,
  • Witches’ Bonfires.

Four House Halloween Party

The guests all come masked to the first house;

Pumpkin-Face Inn, where they are given a small bag of buttered popcorn and four soda crackers.Here everyone has to go through the Ghost Test – eat the four crackers and then whistle. The first successful person is given a lollipop.

The party proceeds to the second place, the Haunted House, which is completely dark.

The leader raps on the door; a ghost opens and instructs the guests to form a lock-step line and to follow. Amid shrieks and groans they are led about through the house and finally into a dim lit room, where the ghost tells a Ghost Story. The Autopsy is performed here.
As they leave, the guests may be given apples.

At the Witch’s Cavern, the next stop, an old Witch holds forth, having a cauldron full of cookies and fortunes. There are also two or three fortune telling games such as Shooting for Luck and Pumpkin Seed Fortunes.

The Hideout is the name of the fourth house. Here the first game is Harvest, and the winning team gets a bag of candy kisses. Other games that may be used: Apple Initials, Feed the Goblin, Cat Scram, Cat on the Back Fence.