Fortune Telling With Cakes (1910's)

This Halloween Fortune Telling Game and MANY others can be found in the following book available from

Games For Hallowe’en

by Mary E. Blain

Dumb Cake

Each one places handful of wheat flour on
sheet of white paper and sprinkles it over with a pinch of salt.

Some one makes it into dough, being careful not to use spring water.

Each rolls up a piece of dough, spreads it out thin and flat, and marks initials on it with a new pin.

The cakes are placed before fire, and all take seats as far from it as possible.

This is done before eleven p. m., and between that time and midnight each one must turn cake once.

When clock strikes twelve future wife or husband of one who is to be married first will enter and lay hand on cake marked
with name.

Throughout whole proceeding not a word is spoken. Hence the name ” Dumb Cake.”

(If supper is served before 11:30, “Dumb Cake” should be reserved for one of the After-Supper Tests.)

What is a Bogie?

Whether you spell it “bogie” or “bogey”, the meaning is the same.

Here is an excerpt from “Gypsy Magic, Fortune & ¬†Folklore of the 1800’s“. You can get the full digital edition of the book HERE.

The witch, in gypsy as in other lore, is a haunting terror of the night. It has not, that I am aware, ever been conjectured that the word Humbug is derived from the Norse hum, meaning night, or shadows (tembrce) Qon^o, “Icelandic Latin glossary in Niall’s Saga”), and bog, or bogey, termed in several old editions of the Bible a bug, or ” bugges.” And as bogey came to mean a mere scarecrow, so the hum-bugges or nightly terrors became synonymes for feigned frights. “A humbug, a false alarm, a bug-bear” (“Dean Milles MS.” Halliwell). The fact that bug is specially applied to a nocturnal apparition, renders the reason for the addition of hum very evident.

There is a great deal that is curious in this word Bogey. Bug-a-boo is suggestive of the Slavonian Bog and Buh, both meaning God or a spirit. Boo or bo is a hobgoblin in Yorkshire, so called because it is said to be the first word which a ghost or one of his kind utters to a human being, to frighten him. Hence, ” he cannot say bo to a goose.” Hence boggart, bogle, boggle, bo-guest, i.e., bar-geist, boll, boman, and, probably allied, bock (Devon), fear. Bull-beggar is probably a form of bu and bogey or boge, allied to boll (Northern), an apparition.


Homemade Witch Halloween Invitation Idea (1920's)

Witch Invitation to Make invitations may be purchased ready to fill in the name and date, but with very little work something quite out of the ordinary can be made.

To make a unique Homemade Witch Halloween Invitation follow these steps:

  • Witch Cut-out H 78 is cut following the line of the cape.
  • A sheet of plain paper is pasted to the skirt and cut out following the outline of the head and cape.
  • All are fastened together again with a tiny paper fastener.
  • The invitation is written on the white paper.

This method of creating a homemade Halloween invitation can be easily adapted to a number of Halloween Cut-outs.

This Halloween Invitation Idea is from the 1923 Dennison’s Bogie Book.

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Fortune Telling With Walnut Shells (1910's)

This Halloween Fortune Telling Game and MANY others can be found in the following book available from

Games For Hallowe’en

by Mary E. Blain

  • Open English walnuts
  • remove meat
  • in each half shell fasten short pieces of differently colored Christmas candles
    • each of which is to be named for a member of party
  • These nut-shell boats may also be made by pouring melted wax into halves of walnut-shells in which are short strings for wicks.
  • after lighting, set afloat in large pan or tub of water

The behavior of these tiny boats reveals future of those for whom they are named.

  • If two glide on together, their owners have a similar destiny
  • if they glide apart, so will their owners.
  • Sometimes candles will huddle together as if talking to one another, while perchance one will be left alone, out in the cold, as it were.
    • Again, two will start off and all the rest will closely follow.
  • The one whose candle first goes out is destined to be old bachelor or maid.

Superstitions About Cats (part 2)

Here are some more superstitions about cats (part 2) from the 1900’s:

If two cats bite each other, in a house where a sick person lies, the person will die soon. (German.)

If Erris cats are seen scratching the legs of the table, they are scratching up a storm, and to avert it they must be struck with the tongs.

The Irish believe a red and white cat to be particularly ominous.

To stroke a black cat‘s tail seven tunes, will bring good luck at cards.

In Cochin, no one would think of continuing a walk should a black cat happen to run across the road soon after starting.

If your black cat has kittens in the garret, it is a fortunate omen. Should she have them in the cellar, look out for trouble.

“If a cat washes her face over the ear,
*Tis a sign the weather will be fine and clear.”

A black cat taking a fancy to establish itself in a house, introduces good fortune to it.

Take a black cat on board ship, and if there is a mirage seen, it will be calm until you are weary.

For a black cat to lie on a grave, is a sign that the soul of the departed is in the possession of the evil one. (German.)

A black cat coming between two persons, is a sign of quarrels or separation. To avert this, throw water where the cat has passed. (Turkish.)

For a black cat to lie on a sickbed, foretells death. (German.)

If a cat looks at you while she is trimming herself, you will get a new dress.

Butter a kitten’s feet, and it will forget its old home and be contented.

If you can catch hold of a cat‘s hind paw while it is washing itself, you can make a wish and it will come true.

An Irish omen says that if a cat looks straight at you when washing itself, it is a sign of your death, unless you make a wish.

If the cat sits and washes its face before the family breakfast, you may expect company to share your hospitality soon.

If the cat is seen washing its face at night, it will surely rain on the morrow.

For a double-pawed cat to be born in the house, is good luck.

It is said to be lucky to own a cat that likes to stand out in the rain.

To see a cat lick its young, is a sign of future happiness.

If a cat washes its face in a room where are many people, the first one whom it looks at when it has finished, is the one who will die first.

To be presented with an Angora cat, brings scandal, vexations, disappointment, poverty and an early death. In fact, all the evils follow the receiving of this gift.

Never bring a cat from one house to another on Friday; it is a sure sign of ill luck.

When the cat sits with her back to the door, it will rain.

If the cat‘s fur snaps with electricity, it is a sign of cold weather.

If you throw a cat overboard, you will have very bad luck.

For a cat to cry around in a pitiful way at night, is a sign that the witches are tormenting it.

If you see a pure white cat on a moonlight night, it means marriage.

Superstitions About Cats (part 1)

Here are some superstitions about cats from the 1900s:

If a cat, lying down, turns its tail north or east, it will storm; if it turns its tail south or west, it will be clear weather.

In Spain, if the cat‘s skin looks bright, it is a sure sign that the next day will be fair.

Marshal Saxe, who knew no fear in the hottest battle, would run and scream with fear when he saw a cat.

If you spit on a cat, it will avenge itself, and you will have ill luck.

If a cat licks your face, expect much trouble in the near future.

It is unlucky to be in a room with a tailless cat.

Never cut a cat‘s whiskers.

An old rhyme, which is said to be of old Saxon origin, runs thus:

“True calendars as pussies are,
They wash to tell what change is near.”

If a cat follows a person, it is a sign of good luck.

If a cat purrs around a man, even if it is repeatedly driven off, it is a sign that he is about to die. (Fiji.)

To own a cat of three colors in Canada, is lucky.

When the housewife’s cat was ill fed and consequently of a lean and meager appearance, it was thought in Scotland, that it was due to the witches riding them in the night.

If a woman does not treat her cats well, she will have rainy washing days.

Three-colored cats, as for instance, black, white and yellow, are lucky creatures for the owner.In England, a reward of two thousand pounds is said to have been offered some time ago, for a male cat of that description.

A black cat with a white face, is very auspicious.

When the cat‘s eyes are oval, the tide is out. When round, the tide is in.

The one who stops a cat from singing, will lose in their next venture.

If a tortoise-shell cat comes to you, it is a sure sign that you are going to get money.

When Wyat had been cast into prison by King Richard III., there to starve to death, a cat appeared at the window grating and dropped into his hand a pigeon, which the warder cooked for him. This continued daily, and thus Wyat was kept alive.

In Devonshire, a superstition prevails that a cat will never stay in the house with a corpse, and stories are often told how, on the death of any inmate of the house, the cat suddenly made its disappearance, and did not return again until after the funeral.

If you see a cat marching around with its tail stiffly erect instead of hanging down as usual, there is a storm approaching.

Those cats having the most electricity in them, will have their tails most erect.

If a strange cat spits at you, the devil is in it, and you may look for misfortune.

It is said that a cat that never purrs, is as dangerous as a snake.

If a person, going after the doctor after dark, sees a black cat run across the road in front of him, he may expect the death of the patient.

To find a cat asleep in a chair which you wish to occupy, signifies good luck.

If you castrate a cat, it will never stray from home.

Some believe cats suck the breath of sleeping infants.

“If a cat washes over the ear, storm is near;
If a cat washes over the eye, storm will pass by.”

If you own a cat and take it away, trying to lose it, you will go home to bad luck.

If you find a dead cat on your premises, look out for robbers.

Never cut a cat‘s whiskers. It cannot feel out any more good luck for you till they grow out again.

“A black cat in the morning.
Of an accident gives warning.”

There is a German superstition that anyone who has made cats his enemies through life, will be accompanied to his grave by a storm of wind and rain.

When the cats, in their quarrels, keep up for days that peculiar cry which sounds like a baby’s cry of distress, disaster and death are impending, to the one who hears them. (Irish.)

It is an unlucky omen to have a cat jump over a corpse.

If a cat goes off and stays away from home a long time and then comes back, it is a sign of good fortune.