Welcome to Halloween Song (1930's)

Tune: “Twinkle, Little Star”

1st verse:

Welcome, welcome Hallowe’en,

Welcome ghosts and witches mean;

Queer sounds wailing on the air,

Jack o’ Lanterns ev’rywhere;

Tricks and charms for every one,

Hallowe’en is lots of fun.

2nd verse:

Through the shadows black bats fly,

In the forest hoot owls cry;

Lean ghosts in their robes of white

Scamper slyly through the night;

With hobgoblins everywhere

Little folks had best beware.

Tips for Successful Home Halloween Parties (1940's)

Because the home is the natural entertainment center, home parties for Hallowe’en are the most successful.  When the group is small and well acquainted, a pleasant and tactful hostess can see to it that everyone enters into the spirit of things and enjoys himself.

The most successful parties always seem to be spontaneous and entirely unpremeditated, but invariably in the back-ground is a definite plan.  Appropriate games are suggested by key people and the materials are prepared and at hand.  Instead of waiting for guests to think of something to do, the successful hostess will have the whole action carefully planned.  However, the plan need not be adhered to at all once the party “gets going”.  When everybody begins suggesting games and stunts, the party is a success.  A good rule to remember is to make each suggestion seem in perfect accord with the mood of the group.  Another is to finishe each game while guests are still enjoying it.

In neighborhoods where many home parties are not likely to be given in any event, well-planned and adequately supervised park, settlement house, club, school and church entertainments will help to solve the Hallowe’en problem for youngsters.  A well worked out Trail of Terror plan will assure the success of the party.