Man Opens Side Business Making Custom Furniture

A School teacher made this Communion Table for a local Church.

Some time ago it became necessary to seek a side line to supplement my in­come. I’m one of those school teachers with a wife and two sons.  Need I say more?

I have always been interested in crafts, so I directed my talent to woodworking. First I purchased an inexpensive 7″ bench saw, a small drill press, a 12″ jig saw, a small electric drill, two one-third horse­ power motors and carving knives, and I borrowed a lathe. These tool have earned me $600 in the pas’t seven months, working only Saturdays and a couple of  hours on Sundays. (note: that $600 is in 1950’s money – imagine how much you could earn today!)

Through a friend who is the manager of a large sawmill I am able to purchase at reasonable rates kiln-dried mahogany, wal­nut, cedar, oak, maple and cherry lumber.

When I was ready for business ,I spoke to Continue reading “Man Opens Side Business Making Custom Furniture”