How to Wire Crepe Paper Petals and Leaves for Costumes

How to Wire Crepe Paper Petals and Leaves

Use straight wires, not spool wire, unless the petals are very small. Cut the wires a little longer than the petals to which they are to be attached. Hold about six wires by one end, keeping them out in a flat row rather than in a tight bunch. Rest the other end on a piece of paper on the table and cover one side of the wires with paste. Place the wires, one at a time, sticky side down, in the center of a petal or leaf, allowing the extra length to extend below the base. Press down firmly until dry.

Chrysanthemum Costume

Flower Crepe Paper Costume
Chrysanthimum Crepe Paper Costume

materials needed (16 year old size):

4 Folds Crepe Paper color selected
2 Folds No. 45 Moss Green Crepe Paper
1/2 Doz. No.7 Wire
1 Spool No. 2 Wire

Before making any Crepe Paper Costumes you may want to read the Basic Instructions for Making Crepe Paper Costumes.

The skirt is made of rows of pointed petals sewed to Continue reading “Chrysanthemum Costume”