Cottage cheese and jelly

    Ground beef and pickle

    Peanut butter and honey

    Frankfurters on buttered buns

    Chopped olives and cheese

Whole wheat and white bread, spread with a mixture of ground stuffed olives, black walnut meats and salad dressing.

Cut bread in round slices, and spread each slice with butter and peanut butter. With slices of banana make features on each peanut butter face. A strip of pimento across the mouth will give an added effect.

Any sandwich may be given a special Hallowe’en appearance by cutting but eyes, nose and mouth in the top slice of bread.

Put 6 cooked frankfurters through food chopper with pickles or stuffed olives, and moisten with tomato catsup. Cut slices of
bread with cat-shaped cookie cutter, and fill with the spread.

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