Russian Fortune Telling (1920's)

Close up of a candle flame.
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Pour melted wax or colored candle paraffine into a glass of cold water.

A little ingenuity and imagination in the interpretation of the shapes formed in the water will make the future very clear.

If the glass with the wax in it is held between a strong light and the wall, and the shad­0ws studied while the glass is turned slowly, the figures become more interesting.

For instance, a torch shape may indicate fame,

a button shape, a tailor or a seam­stress,

a long pen shape indicates an author,

a trunk may mean travel,

and the horn of plenty, wealth.

Another Russian Fortune Telling Custom for Halloween

This one may be used at the time for refreshments.

Scatter underneath the table covering some wisps of straw of varying lengths.

As each person takes his portion, let him feel under the edge of the covering and pull out a straw.

Its length indicates the length of his life.

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