Robin Bird Halloween Costume to Make

Robin1-webAll bird costumes are made in a similar way. The colors, shape of wings, tail, beak and head will have to be varied according to the specie.

A bird costume may be simplified and made as a slip-over. Use a sleeveless blouse and a pair of shorts or a one-piece sleeveless undergarment for the foundation to make either a boy’s or girl’s costume.

Material (4-8 yr.) – Very best Crepe

  • 4 folds No. 188 Brown,
  • 1 fold No. 152 Red;
  • 6 pcs. No.15 Flower Wire;
  • firm wrapping paper;
  • paste;
  • black glazed paper;
  • 4 yds. 3/4″ ribbon;
  • metalpaper fasteners;
  • foundation garment;
  • Scotch tape.

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