Halloween Pumpkin Exchange Game

Vintage Pumpkin with Top Hat
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For older children, Pumpkin Exchange is a good starter, because it gives the guests a chance to mingle with one another.

Seven orange colored cardboard pumpkins are required for each guest. You may purchase them already printed, or, if you prefer, you may cut them out yourself. One letter P-U-M-P-K-I-N should be printed on each pumpkin.

The pumpkins should be shuffled and dealt into as many piles of
seven as there are guests. Each seven should be placed in an envelope. Put the envelopes in a hollowed out pumpkin and, when all the guests have arrived, allow each one to select
one envelope.

Explain that the object of the game is to collect seven pumpkins that will spell the word “Pumpkin.” To accomplish this, it will be necessary to exchange undesirable letters for others. Only one letter may be exchanged at a time, and if a person is asked for a letter that he cannot supply he may not be asked for another, but the questioner must go to someone else to try his luck.

The first person who gets the complete word should announce the fact and should receive a small prize. The last two to complete their words may receive some sort of consolation prizes.

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