The guests all come masked to the first house;

Pumpkin-Face Inn, where they are given a small bag of buttered popcorn and four soda crackers.Here everyone has to go through the Ghost Test – eat the four crackers and then whistle. The first successful person is given a lollipop.

The party proceeds to the second place, the Haunted House, which is completely dark.

The leader raps on the door; a ghost opens and instructs the guests to form a lock-step line and to follow. Amid shrieks and groans they are led about through the house and finally into a dim lit room, where the ghost tells a Ghost Story. The Autopsy is performed here.
As they leave, the guests may be given apples.

At the Witch’s Cavern, the next stop, an old Witch holds forth, having a cauldron full of cookies and fortunes. There are also two or three fortune telling games such as Shooting for Luck and Pumpkin Seed Fortunes.

The Hideout is the name of the fourth house. Here the first game is Harvest, and the winning team gets a bag of candy kisses. Other games that may be used: Apple Initials, Feed the Goblin, Cat Scram, Cat on the Back Fence.

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