Skeleton Hand Invitation to Make

Skeleton Hand Halloween Party Invitation

How To Make the Skeleton Hand Halloween Invitation

The Skeleton Hand Invitations are easy to make.  Lay your hand down on a sheet of writing paper so that the wrist comes diagonally across the fold at the lower left-hand corner.  Spread out your fingers and trace around them.  Cut out, following the pencil lines, being careful to keep the folded sheet from slipping.  Outline the bones of the hand with water-color paint.  Print the invitation on the inside of the folder.

How To Deliver the Halloween Party Invitation

The invitations should be delivered in a mysterious fashion.  On a dark night some week or more before Halloween, a dull thud on the front door will bring the occupants out with haste to discover what caused the scary sound.  A large white skeleton hand will be found lying on the door step.

Bird Costume

Bird CostumeBird Crepe Paper Costume

Materials Needed (8 year old size)

3 Folds Crepe Paper color selected for body
1 Fold Crepe Paper color selected for breast
2 Pieces No. 15 Wire

1 Piece N0.3 Gummed Tape

The foundation for this costume is cut longer in the back than in the front and
shaped to represent the tail. Reinforce the edges with wire. Cover the entire foundation with rows of pointed “feathers,” begin­ning at the bottom both front and back and working to the shoulders. Cut separate pieces for the wings, covering them also with “feathers.” Gather the wings slightly at the top and sew to the sides of the foundation as seen on the “how to make slip-over costumes” page.

Sew ribbons on the sides to tie the wings together at the lower part of the arm. The head is made on a tight bonnet, covered with “feathers” to match the body of the costume. A beak of cardboard may be used or not as preferred.

Before making the Bird Costume you may want to read the Basic Instructions for Making Crepe Paper Costumes and How To Make Slip-Over Costumes

This Costume and MANY others are found in the book: How to Make Crepe Paper Costumes

You can also find more Homemade Costume Ideas at our Vintage Halloween Ideas web site.

Carnation Costume

Carnation Crepe Paper Costume

Materials Needed (14 year old size):

6 Folds No. 31 Light Blush Pink Crepe Paper
5 Folds No. 32 Medium Blush Pink Crepe Paper
5 Folds No. 33 Dark Blush Pink Crepe Paper
2 Folds No. 35 Cerise Crepe Paper
1 Fold No. 45 Moss Green Crepe Paper
1 1/2 Doz. No. 10 Wire, 1/2Doz. No. 15 Wire

The skirt is made of fringe in two shades of the color Continue reading “Carnation Costume”

1920’s Film Stars in Costume

Merna Kennedy and Glenn Tryon – both Universal players, step out in crepe paper costumes to show the world that one can look like a million in a one dollar rig.

1920's Actors in Halloween Costumes

Miss Kennedy’s dress is made of canary, orange and French blue crepe paper with pasted on silver stars.

Glenn Tryon wears a cape of orange and jade green crepe paper and a collar, cap and tunic fashioned of Decorated Crepe Paper