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Invitations: A black cat with tag around its neck on which you write your invitations.

Decorations: House should be decorated
in all sorts and sizes of cats. Many
china and such cats can be borrowed to
use. Others may be found in magazines,
while black cats can always be found
around Hallowe’en. If possible have several
real live cats in the house.

Games: Play Copy Cats, Fortune Telling Peanuts, Giant Ghost, Society Anthem.

Open peanuts and reveal their fortunes.
Meet the Queen of Hallowe’en. Have milk
drinking contest by placing milk in saucers
before each guest which must be
lapped up with the tongue. Divide guests
into two sides.

Your Menu: Hallowe’en Faces, Bread
Cheese Sticks, Candlette Salad, Spook Cocoa,Devil’s Food Cake.

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