Fortune Telling With Apple Seeds (1910's)

This Halloween Fortune Telling Game and MANY others can be found in the following book available from

Games For Hallowe’en

by Mary E. Blain

Apple seeds act as charms on Halloween.

Stick one on each eyelid and name one “Home” and the other “Travel.”

  • If seed named travel stays on longer, you will go on a journey before year expires.
  • If ” Home” clings better, you will remain home.

Again, take all the apple seeds, place them on back of outspread left hand.

With loosely clenched right hand strike palm of left.

This will cause some, if not all, of seeds to fall.

  • Those left on hand show number of letters you will receive the coming fortnight.
  • Should all seeds drop, you must wait patiently for your mail.

Put twelve apple seeds carefully to one side
while you cut twelve slips of blank paper ex
actly alike.

  • on one side of each write name of friend.
  • Turn them all over with blanks uppermost and mix them so that you will not know which is which;
  • then, holding seeds in your left hand ; repeat :

” One I love,

Two I love,

Three I love I say;

Four I love with all my heart

Five I cast away.

Six he loves,

Seven she loves,

Eight they both love;

Nine he comes,

Ten he tarries,

Eleven he courts and

Twelve he marries.”

Stop at each line to place a seed on a paper,
and turn slip over to discover name of one you love or cast away.

Continue matching apple seeds with papers as you count, until all twelve seeds and twelve papers are used.

Panda Halloween Costume to Make

panda1-web Almost any animal costume may be made in a similar way by changing the colors, size and shape of head, eyes, ears and tail.

A one-piece sleeping garment with feet and that fastens at the back is an ideal foundation for a small child’s costume. Crushed* or crinkled* crepe is sewed to the foundation garment.

For a larger child, a two-piece pajama may be used with darts taken at the sides of the jacket for snug fit at the bottom. If possible, sew up the front and open down the back.*

Material (3-6 yr.) – Verybest Crepe,

  • 2 folds No.-I08 Black,
  • 1 fold No. 100 White;
  • 1 pc. No.10 Flower Wire;
  • 1 pair lastex rubber soles;
  • 3/4 yd. 1/2″ white ribbon;
  • 2 yds. 3″ red ribbon;
  • 1 hat elastic;
  • paste;
  • sleeping garment.

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Crush enough black crepe paper* to cover the foundation garment with a double thickness.

For this, the crepe paper is used with the grain of the paper going across instead of up and down.

Using the garment as a pattern, cut the crepe paper, Fig. A.* Cut sleeves separately. Put two thicknesses together for each part and stitch all seams. Turn. Sew sleeves to armholes, turn under at bottom. Slip body over foundation. Sew around neck, armholes, at back opening and at bottom of feet. Sew soles in place, covering the extra paper which was turned under.

Make the front of body from a double thickness of white crushed crepe paper* like a large bib, Fig. B. Sew I” wide fringe* around the edge. Sew to body at neck and 3″ or 4″ down each side.

For head, cut a double thickness strip of white crepe paper about 9″ wide and long enough to fit head size. Seam short ends. Cut out in front to fit face, Fig. C. Stitch around opening. Gather at top and turn, stitch I” wide white fringe* around face opening. Cut pieces of black crepe paper 4″ wide, 6″ long. Fold in half across the grain but do not crease. Gather open ends with needle and thread. Pull up gathers to make rounded ears, Fig. D. Sew to cap. Sew narrow ribbons to tie head in place. Cut a double thickness -of white crepe about 6″ long, 2 1/2″ wide shaped like Fig. E. Sew 1h”
wide white fringe around edge. Cut circles of black crepe and paste in place. Cut small round holes in the center. Attach hat elastic.


To make the paws, draw around hands with fingers spread out fot the pattern, Fig. F. Cut 4 thicknesses of black and 2 oval pieces of white. Stitch double thickness of white to double- thickness of black, then, with the white in, stitch the four thicknesses of black together and turn. Repeat for other hand.

Make a 2″ wide fringe of black*. Wind around a 4″ piece of wire to make a full fluffy tail, Fig. G. Sew to costume.

The red ribbon bow may be tied on after the costume has been put on.

* detailed instructions for these processes can be found on pages 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 of

45 Easy to Make Costumes and Accessories of Crepe Paper

Crepe Paper for Making Your Halloween Costume

45 Easy to Make Costumes and Accessories of Crepe Paper

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  • Gold
  • Bright Orange
  • Purple
  • Navy Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Black, Maroon
  • Gray
  • Bombay Pink
  • Teal
  • Sea Foam Green
  • Baby Pink
  • Creamy Apricot
  • Brown
  • Light Green
  • Royal Blue
  • Baby Blue
  • Flame Red
  • Burgundy
  • Pink

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Homemade Witch Costume (1920's)

Witch Costume to Make

The Witch Costume requires the following materials:

  • 4 folds No. 65 Orange Crepe Paper
  • 2 folds No. 12 Black Crepe Paper
  • 1 fold No. 11 White Crepe Paper
  • 1 sheet No. 12 Black Mat Stock

About making costumes using crepe paper:

Most costumes are made over a muslin foundation to which the crepe paper is sewed or pasted.  The materials are inexpensive and very stricking and unusual costumes may be made with very little work.

The “slip-over” costume is very popular as it may be worn over any simple clothing and quickly removed.

The foundation is a full width of crepe paper cut out either oblong or rounding for the neck so that it will hang straight down front and back.

Turn under the outer edge from shoulder to waist line both front and back and make one or two tucks to make the waist the correct width.

To this foundation are added ruffles, fringe or cut-out designs.

This Halloween Costume Idea is from the 1923 Dennison’s Bogie Book.

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Treasure Hunt Game (1910's)

This Halloween Game and MANY others can be found in the following book available from

Games For Hallowe’en

by Mary E. Blain

In this game the seeker for a prize is guided
from place to place by doggerel’s as the fol-
lowing, and is started on his hunt with this
rhyme :

” Perhaps you’ll find it in the air ;
If not, look underneath your chair.”

Beneath his chair he finds the following:

” No, you will not find it here ;
Search the clock and have no fear.”

Under the clock he finds:

” You will have to try once more ;
Look behind the parlor door.”

Tied to the door-knob he discovers:

” If it’s not out in the stable
Seek beneath the kitchen table.”

Under the kitchen table he finds another
note, which reads:

” If your quest remains uncertain,
You will find it ‘neath a curtain.”

And here his quest is rewarded by finding
the prize.

Superstitions About Cats (part 4)

If a male cat shows itself friendly to anyone, it is a good omen.

If a black cat comes to your house, it is bad luck to send it away before the year is out.

If a cat is thrown into a new house before the family arrives, it will avert bad luck, as it is believed that the first to enter a new house will die.

If a cat jumps through a window, it portends death.

Unlucky is the girl in Russia, and never will she marry, if she touches a dead cat.

If a cat startles you by brushing up against your chair, something unexpected is about to happen.

To meet a cat the first thing in the morning, is a forerunner of bad luck.

In Crovie, the cat is considered a bringer of bad luck.

White cats are unlucky.

It is unlucky to play with a cat; you cannot have good health.

If a cat wipes its face with its paws, it is preparing for company.

Maidens who are particularly fond of cats, will be old maids.

If a cat lies on its back, with the top of its head flat on the ground, it is a sign of a big storm.

Black cats are witches. Don’t kill them.

In Bavaria, a cat that is black, red, and white is called a “fire” cat, if thrown on the fire, will put it out.

In Sweden, the peasants think if you are ugly to your cat, you will be ugly to your man.

In Bohemia, unlike many other countries, it is believed kittens born in May, if they are four-colored, will be excellent mousers.

If a sleeping cat turns the upper part of its head far back, it is the sign of rain.

Shut up the cat in a cool room, and it will bring visitors.

Anyone swallowing a hair of a cat, will be subjected to fainting.

In some parts of Germany, to swallow cat‘s hair, is supposed to cause consumption.

It is unlucky to let anything touch a cat‘s ear.

If a cat died in a private house, in ancient Egypt, all members of the family clipped off their hair from their brows, in sign of mourning.

It means good luck to a family when a she-cat comes to the house. (Rio Grande Indians.)

Cats in Japan have a natural tendency to become goblins, and this can only be checked by cutting off their tails in kittenhood.

Japanese cats are under a curse, since only the cat and the venomous serpent wept not at the death of Buddha; and these shall therefore never enter into the bliss of Gokuraku.

If you want your pet cat to stay at home, measure its tail with a piece of wood and burn it in the oven, and it will never leave you.(Persia.)

If the cat stretches so that her paws touch each other, it is a sign of bad weather.

It is taught that a cat‘s eyes wax and wane as the man in the moon’s eyes wax and wane, and the course of the sun is followed by the apples of her eye.

To kick a cat, will make it steal chickens. (Madagascar.)

A cat about to kitten, must not be spoken of by its name, but called a witch. (Madagascar.)

Lover's Test with Chestnuts (1910's)

This Halloween Fortune Telling Game and MANY others can be found in the following book available from

Games For Hallowe’en

by Mary E. Blain

A maid and youth each places a chestnut to roast on fire, side by side.

If one hisses and steams, it indicates a fretful temper in owner of chestnut;

if both chestnuts equally misbehave it augurs strife.

If one or both pop away, it means separation;

but if both burn to ashes tranquilly side by side, a long life of undisturbed happiness will be lot of owners.

These portentous omens are fitly defined in
the following lines:

” These glowing nuts are emblems true
Of what in human life we view;
The ill-matched couple fret and fume,
And thus in strife themselves consume;
Or from each other wildly start,
And with a noise forever part.
But see the happy, happy pair,
Of genuine love and truth sincere;
With mutual fondness while they burn,
Still to each other kindly turn;
And as the vital sparks decay,
Together gently sink away;
Till life’s fierce trials being past,
Their mingled ashes rest at last.”

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Homemade Tally Cards or Score Cards (1920's)

Tally or Score Cards for Halloween, Tally Cards or Score Cards are used during a Halloween Party to record the winner of each game or stunt.

You can easily make them with gummed seals, stickers or cut-outs and perhaps an artistic touch with a brush or marker.

Seal H 639 decorates a tally card in the drawing and two stuck together hold the tiny pencil in place.

Seal H 653 is also used for a score card in the illustration.

The pencil is transformed into a broom with a witch astride using some crepe paper, gummed seals H 641 and H 653.

This Halloween Tally Card Idea is from the1923 Dennison’s Bogie Book. Get your own Digital Edition of this vintage Halloween book by CLICKING HERE.


Superstitions About Cats (part 3)

When a cat wags its tail, it is a sign that it is angry.

To keep cats from roaming from home at night, cut the hair from the insides of their ears. The dew gets into the pussies’ ears, and they don’t like it, and the next night they stay at home.

Cats are considered uncanny. They will maliciously nibble the exposed parts of corpses and “suck the breath of sleeping infants,” and
even that of adults.

A dead cat planted at the roots of a barren tree, will cause it to bear fruit.

If a cat tears at the cushions and carpets with its claws, it is a sign of wind. Hence the expression, “the cat is raising the wind.”

It is unlucky to kill a cat.

A cat‘s hair is said to be indigestible, and you will die if you get one in your stomach.

A cat sneezing, indicates that the family will have colds.

A bunch of hair taken from a black tomcat, sewed in a bag and worn around the neck, will relieve the wearer of witches and other undesirable visitors.

In Ireland, one hears much of demon cats. The father of one of the present editors of the Fort-nightly had such a cat, say county Dublin Peasantry. One day the priest dined with him, and objecting to see a cat feed before Christians, said something over it that made it go up the chimney in a flame of fire. “I will have the law on you for doing such a thing to my cat,” said the father of the editor. “Would you like to see your cat?” said the priest. “I would,” said he, and the priest brought it up, covered with chains, through the hearth-rug, straight out of hell.

If a cat scratches you, it is a sign that someone will try to do you harm.

The possession of a black-nosed (“smutty-nosed”) cat, brings wealth; the ownership of a white cat brings poverty. (Maine.)

If a cat jumps on the bed of a sick person, it is a sign that they will never get well.

If a black cat sits outside of the window on the sill and meows, it is a sign of death.

If a white cat sits outside of the window on the sill and meows, it is the sign of a party.

In Massachusetts, a cat is not allowed in a living room during a thunderstorm, for fear she will draw lightning.

Catcalls on the top of a house, signifies death.

If a cat enters a room where lies a corpse at night, one of the watchers will die within twelve months.

To stumble over a cat in a dark room, is a sign that you will soon dine at a wedding.

It is unlucky for a person to throw a black cat in your lap or place one on your back.

If a cat plays with a gown or apron, it is a sign of a great gale.

In the Shetland Isles, it is thought unlucky to kill a male cat.

When a cat is hungry, it will eat coals.

“Kiss the black cat and it will make you fat;
Kiss the white one, ’twill make you lean.”

A kitten born in May, must be killed or it will bring vermin into the house. Others claim that a cat born in May will never catch mice.

It is unlucky to have a cat pass between a person and a dead body.