Autumn Themed Table Decoration Idea (1940's)

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Brown poplin is an effective table covering, with white and orange as contrasting colors in the centerpiece and favors.

A hollowed-out pumpkin overflowing with apples, oranges, bananas and grapes makes a simple and attractive centerpiece.

A two-faced lit pumpkin will serve the double purpose of centerpiece and illumination.

Halloween Place Card Holders to Make (1940's)

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To make a spiral as a support for cut-out witches, cats, bats, pumpkins, ghosts, tombstones, etc…

  1. Use about 20 inches of wire for a 4-inch place card.
  2. Four inches from the end, bend the wire at right angles.
  3. One inch from this point bend sideways and start the spiral, holding the wire flat on the table with the 4-inch length extending straight up to insure a flat spiral.
  4. About three full circles will make a strong base.
  5. Wires may be wrapped with crepe paper if desired.

Goblin Way Table Decoration Idea (1940's)

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“Goblin Way” might be the name of the dining room.  Here’s how to decorate for this Halloween Theme:

  • For this scheme two long tables covered with appropriate crepe paper or paper table coverings are used.
  • High overhead, between the tables, place a long horizontal wire.  From this as a center, radiate long strips of twisted crepe paper in orange and black.  Attach them to the farther side of the tables, making an archway down which the line moves for refreshments.
  • The candles on the table are placed in tiny Jack-o’-lanterns formed from large red apples.
  • You could make the apples into goblins by fastening to a smaller apple with toothpicks and using candy orange-slices for arms and legs.

Scores of other decorating ideas can be built about familiar themes, such as the witch and cat, elves and fairies, pumpkin and apple boys, spider webs and hollow trees, peaked hats and cauldrons, owls, bats and broomsticks.

Decorations Made Out of Sheets & Newspapers

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Sheets and newspapers may be used to advantage in decorating a room.

Create a weird Halloween ceiling:

  1. Place a large safety pin in each corner of four sheets, and run a piece of string through each.
  2. Tie a corner of each sheet to the center chandelier or drip string.
  3. Tie the other ends to window fixtures, door jambs, wall fixtures, etc., allowing sheets to sag and produce a weird low-ceiling effect.

Doorway decorations:

Doorways may be covered with “webs of crepe paper or newspaper strips which leave only a small opening to crall through.

Indoor Halloween Decoration Ideas (1940's)

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Here are some ideas for Halloween Decorations to use inside.  Perfect for home use and the classroom too!

  • Stacked corn stalks with Jack-o’-lantern heads.
  • Black cat and witch cut-outs on curtain and chandeliers.
  • Dark blue crepe paper sky with a big yellow moon.
  • White cardboard tombstones fitting over the back of each chair.
  • Imitation fence around the dimly-lit room.
  • Wiggly spiders suspended from the ceiling with rubber bands.
  • Strips of brown paper, hay or leaves on the floor.
  • Brown cardboard tree-stump with an owl staring out.
  • Large cut-out cat fastened to the wall my hold a crepe paper bag full of Hallowe’en hats, noise-makers, fortunes or favors.
  • White cut-out skulls-and-cross-bones.
  • Large black cat-heads with wide-open mouths and eyes for light shades.
  • Green crepe paper strips with cut-out skulls attached can hang from chandeliers.

Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas (1940's)

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No richer opportunity for effective decoration is given by any season than we find at Hallowe’en.   Here are some suggestions for Outdoor Halloween Decorations:

  • Autumn leaves, corn stalks, and lighted pumpkin Jack-o’-lanterns are traditional and easily prepared.
  • Free hand cuttings of witches, pumpkins, cats, bats, elves, fairies, spiders, owls, cauldrons, broomsticks or peaked hats of black and orange construction paper may be pinned about on the curtains and walls.
  • Candles, dishes of alcohol and salt and blue Christmas lights furnish a ghostly illumination.
  • Apples, turnips, or carrots, cut in grotesque faces, may be used for candlesticks.
  • If lamps or electric lights are used, make special shades of stiff orange and black paper cut like Jack-o’-lanterns.
  • A row of Jack-o’-lanterns on the fence, porch railing or shrubbery gives a Hallowe’en atmosphere.
  • On the posts seat two goblins, with Jack-o’-lantern heads.  The body is a smaller pumpkin and carrots are used for arms and legs, fastened to the body with wire.
  • Outline the walk with a double row of pumpkins, and at the door-steps place a pair of ghosts.  These are made by firmly fastening a Jack-o’-lantern, for a head, to an upright post, and draping in a white sheet or tablecloth.
  • Each room could have a different motif, and be named “Cat Alley”, “Bat Tower”, “The Spider’s Den”, etc. and the prize for the game played in each room should be a bat, cat, etc.

Black Cat Party Invitation (1940's)

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For a Black Cat home party, a cut-out black cat has tail attached by means of a dress snap fastener.  When the tail is swung up it is found to bear this message:

This is the tail of the Hallowe’en cat…

Hurry, he says, to meet Witch and Bat

On Hallowe’en Eve, about 7 or so

To a house that you know, yet may not know.


Name ____________________________

Halloween Invitations Tips (1940's)

A written invitation has the advantage of putting the guests into the party mood before they arrive at your door.  It should build up anticipation, but should not promise anything which the party will not justify.  Hallowe’en invitations may be written in:

  • black ink on orange paper with a tiny black cat in the corner
  • an orange pumpkin
  • or in white on black paper enclosed in an orange pumpkin envelope
  • invitations shaped like black cats, witches or owls